Our Chapter has been committed to promoting education within our community. We have awarded scholarships annually since as long as members can recall. In 2014, our Chapter created the Tom Pappas Memorial Scholarship Award with annual scholarships awarded to eligible high school and/or college students. The Chapter also holds beginner and intermediate level Greek language classes.  

District 5

Ahepa District 5 Scholarships are awarded annually to deserving students about to begin their college education.

It is a program administered by the Past District Governors of the district. Read the qualifications carefully and submit your student’s application for consideration by the deadline. 

AHEPA National

The scholarship program at the national level is administered by the   AHEPA National Educational Foundation.  It offers scholarships to a wide variety of students. The Foundation also offers and educational opportunities including the Journey to Greece Program and Odyssey in Athens, a study abroad program.